UAE Down syndrome Association launched a new voluntary, Social and Educational initiative under the name "Thank you my school"

Ms. Sonia Al Sayed Ahmed Al-Hashimi, UAEDSA’s Chairperson and Head of the initiative said that it aimed to closely identify Educational institutions and know the challenges facing these institutions and try to overcome the challenges facing families regarding to their integrated children.

It also aims to identify the difficulties faced in educational institutions and Stand on the level and abilities of students during their integration, hence learn about the services provided for this category in these institutions.

The initiative targets Government and private educational institutions where students with Down syndrome from all nationalities are integrated

She pointed out that the number of people with Down syndrome educationally integrated reaches 69 males and females; 20 of them in nurseries, 40 in public schools and 9 in private schools.


Said Ms. Nawal El Haj Nasser, Board member and Financial Director, Head of skills Development Division: the initiative delegation visited four government and private educational institutions. It revealed on some field observations from the visits which highlighted the urgent need of some educational institutions to a Psychologist and behavior modification Specialist as well as a Speech Therapist.