UAEDSA’s Volunteers share with the Orphans the Visually Impaired march


Ms. Sonia Ahmed Sayed Al Hashimi, Chairperson of UAE Down syndrome Association and a number of volunteers participated in white cane day organized by Al Ihsan charity Association in Ajman on the occasion of the World Day for the white cane in Mirdif City Centre in Dubai with Emirates Association for the Visually Impaired and Noor Dubai Institution with the participation of more than 50 blind from Emirates Association of Visually Impaired and fifty orphans from Al Ihsan charity Association and over 1,000 community members and volunteers under the slogan" By the light of insight, we can overcome darkness"

Dr. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Environmental Advisor to the Ruler of Ajman, Secretary-General of Al Ihsan Charity Association appreciated the participation of UAE Down syndrome Association in this initiative, pointing out  that the celebration of the World Day for the white cane stems from the importance of the welfare of the visually impaired in terms of providing services to them and their equality with sighted in rights and duties, and give them the opportunity to live within their communities as contributors to its building and progress. Moreover, to clarify some of the erroneous thoughts that a blind person is helpless and inactive in the community, as well as their integration in society to promote their confidence.

He also praised the social participation in charitable and social events of all UAE community segments who know the tender from the wise leadership throughout the country, pointing that the association organized this march in solidarity with the visually impaired category so that all members of society feel this great blessing which is sight.

Al-Hashimi expressed her deep appreciation for his highness efforts and Board of Directors of both Al Ihsan Charity Association and Emirates Association for the Visually Impaired commending the efforts of the State represented by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in the service and care of its children in various sectors.

She said that the accession of a group of volunteers from UAE Down syndrome Association to this march is to share with our brothers the blind their suffering by different groups of society. Through the participation in the march, they organize the traffic with them and provide care for them as aimed at strengthening community participation and cooperation with people with disabilities through their inclusion in different events.