In preparation to Special Olympics competitions

Beginning of Sports Activities

"Under the slogan" Unlock hidden potential

UAE Down syndrome Association’s Team have

 started Boccia, basket and badminton training at the Dubai handicap center sports Hall under the supervision of the coach Mr. Mahmoud Atwan, sports coordinator. Saturday and Tuesday of every week are allocated for training, however the number of people with Down syndrome registered so far is fifteen players.
Ms. Nawal Nasser Abdullah Al Nasser, Head of skills Development Division pointed out that the Association seeks through sports activities related to people with Down syndrome to discover their talents and Unlock their hidden potential.
It also seeks to raise awareness and beneficial sports culture between people with Down syndrome and their integration into society. Moreover, to invest leisure time in selected and suitable sports activities for them. Al Nasser pointed out that one of the most important conditions for the acceptance of the player to participate in these activities is the existence of a parent during the sports training in order to communicate with the families of other players to identify their capabilities and their most important characteristics closely. Added Ms. Nawal Nasser that the formation of a basket team this year is under process, in fact 7 players have participated at the first training session with the volunteer coach Mr. Hisham Farouk and they have been trained on the way to hold the ball and the form of the hand during holding or passing it. The introduction of this sport comes within the plan of The Skills Development Division at the association to invest this sport in developing their skills while it is one of the collective sports and aims to increase speed, endurance and heart strength.
Said, the coach Mr. Atwan: These training come in preparation for participation in UAE Special Olympics competitions for the season 2014/2015 and the Eighth Boccia Championship on 25th February 2015 organized annually by the association with the participation of all handicap centers in the country that is considered as the largest gathering of people with Down syndrome.
Explained, Mr. Atwan that Boccia is a sport that requires skills and strategic thinking .The objective for each team is to be able to move the maximum number of his balls (Pucci) to the nearest point of the opposing team balls (Balina). Each team can be composed of two or three up to eight players just like all Special Olympics sports and the players are divided into groups according to their ability, age and sex.
Added Atwan that boccia is one of the new sports that have been included in Special Olympics international games which were in 1995.
He said, that the layout of the venue : must be as follows: The fault line to push the ball is 3.05 m from the back panel and the length of the pitch 18.29 m width 3.66 m and the half-pitch is the minimum target, which the ball must not be exceeded.

The rules of the game using 8 balls Pucci and a goal ball during the game and each team has 4 different color balls on the other team's balls