One of the greatest humanitarian meanings in life is the meaning of conveying happiness to others. God has blessed us by giving us a country where its leaders pledged and fulfilled. Our people are the happiest people on Earth from Zayed’s Era to the judgment day. Our leaders achieved what they pledged and UAE has become a competitive country at the international top list of happiest people by loyalty and hard work. We in UAEDSA set up our vision to accomplish a better life for people with Down Syndrome and work hard to fulfill it. UAEDSA updated its strategy and developed its plan within the latest global quality standards which resulted in achieving full educational and Functional integration. The number of free rehabilitation sessions has increased which in the long term would indicate a major increase in educational integration for our children as well as paving the way to inclusion in the labor market and reassure successful self realization. All these factors would bring happiness to families for their children’s achievements. Recreational rehabilitation activities continue in order to unlock the hidden potentials whether through painting workshops by “creative fingers workshops” , joyful boccia training or Quran program by developing their balance, concentration and systematic planning which led to the obtainment of the best developmental project prize in GCC states in its thirtieth term. As for social awareness, it has the greatest impact since by raising awareness in the community all the barriers disappear, all illusions break down and we reach the pursuit happiness. Moreover, the association’s participation through attending and raising awareness during bigger national, social and international occasions has played a crucial role. Furthermore, media awareness had a crucial role through newspapers, radios, tv channels and usual interaction via social media. All these achievements would have never been realized if we haven’t been given such empowerment and confidence from our wise government, government authorities , private institutions and volunteers whom we thank and very much appreciate their effective role in the success of UAEDSA. Our main theme is families since by them their children’s delight and happiness can be achieved and we reach a happy family life under the country of happiest people till the judgment day.


Sonia Al Hashimi